Raffia placemats

Raffia Placemats and (bonus!) Drink Coasters

It’s officially dining al fresco season here in New England and I’m taking every opportunity to live outside. This summer placemat project uses raffia to create lightweight and durable mats that will brighten up your table, whether you choose to dine inside or out. True raffia is made from strips of a type of palm […]

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Zoom Loom Mat

Zoom Loom Table Mat

When one has a three-year-old with a fondness for making tents around the house, tablecloths no longer serve their intended purpose. Our dinner table is scantily clad these days, choosing to cover itself with a small tray that holds various condiments and candlesticks. Well, I recently had one of those, “I’m a weaver with no […]

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Cloud Scarf

Happy Little Clouds Scarf

When autumn rolls around, I can’t help but feel excited about dusting off my scarf collection. Shortly after reviewing the ever-growing, yet neatly folded pile, I inevitably determine it is lacking that perfect scarf. And shortly after determining that my collection of scarves is lacking, I am sketching out a plan for a new scarf. […]

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Covered Chair


Chair before After returning from a fabulous time at the New England Weavers Seminar in July, I found myself rewriting the beginning of this article. I was so lucky to spend two days in a round-robin style class taught by Marjie Thompson entitled 18th & 19th Century High Fashion for the Middle Class. To say […]

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Shaker Rug

Shaker-Inspired Carpet

A few months back, I left a weaving guild meeting energized and agonizing over the fact that there were 25 miles between my weaving room and me. I was just that inspired by Shaker scholar, and accomplished weaver and spinner, Roben Campbell’s presentation on Shaker textiles. Thank you to Roben for providing the inspiration for […]

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Bulky Scarf

Bulky Scarves for Winter

A couple of months ago, I discovered the Fibershed project (fibershed.wordpress.com). The challenge of the project is for the author, Rebecca Burgess, to live for a full year in “clothes made from fibers that are solely sourced within a geographical region no larger than 150 miles” from her home. This also includes any dyes used […]

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When Disaster Strikes

When Disaster Strikes

I was hoping that my return from maternity leave would be triumphant, but instead I find myself sharing a weaving horror story. This month’s project was nearly ruined in the washing machine. My first thought was to shelve the wreck and weave something else, but I managed to salvage most of it and decided that […]

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Woven Block

Easy Weaving for Baby

Almost two months ago, my doctor decided that I needed to go on bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy. This meant no walking to the library. No gardening. No trips to visit friends and family. I wasn’t even allowed to be in a seated position, which meant, if you can imagine, no weaving. […]

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Weaving for Your Home

I am writing this from the kitchen of my new home. My husband and I purchased what can only be called a labor of love back in January. It’s a mid-18th century saltbox that has been haphazardly renovated over the years, most recently a half century ago, and greatly needed someone to bring a bit […]

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Explaining Sett

Sett Explained, Sort of

Every Tuesday evening you can find me at Elissa’s Creative Warehouse in Needham, Massachusetts. I met Elissa last year at The National NeedleArts Association’s summer conference in Columbus, Ohio and found her to be enthusiastic about introducing weaving to her shop. After a bit of discussion, we decided that the Cricket Loom would be a […]

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Checkered Napkin

Taming the Linen Lion

Over the holidays I took a stab at weaving some hemp napkins for my parents. Can we say disaster? Thankfully they love me unconditionally, so the mess that was meant to be napkins was happily accepted since it was something I made. After that, I was determined to figure out how to weave properly with […]

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Three Pillows

Bean Bags

With summer approaching, I find myself checking the weather to see if it will be warm enough to sneak a bit of work in outdoors. When you live in a climate like I do here in New England, summer is a special time indeed. My parents reported that they are installing a horseshoe pit, which […]

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