Fiber Art by Denise Renee Grace

The purpose of the Schacht blog has been and always will be to share and inspire ideas about weaving and spinning. Looking at all the weaving patterns, yarns, and colors, the possibilities really are endless. All of us could do projects for the rest of our lives and technically, we will never do the same thing twice.  We have shared projects and patterns in the crafts of weaving and spinning, but this week we want to share something less “functional”…art. FACE of Fiber in the Rockies is a juried art show that is scheduled this year to accompany the Estes Wool Market. A few weeks ago Denise applied for the show, and just received word that all of her pieces were accepted! Here are a few images of her work, and a brief statement about her art.

“I find it fascinating to see people’s different expressions in art or music or life in general. We have “voices” that evolve over the years from one style to another, but for the most part still seem to have a similar thread. Looking back on the art I made in college, I can tell that it was made by the same artist, but there are subtle differences in the techniques and execution of the art. I love working in a simple style and allowing the material speak for itself. I am just the instrument that molds it into what it wants to be. I hope this will inspire you to step outside the box a little and explore your voice.” – Denise Renee Grace

Peak Ascension

Peak Ascension, 29″ X 14″ – Fabric, handwoven fabric, photographic print on fabric.

Ancestors’ Garden

Ancestors’ Garden, 14″ X 29″ – Fabric, handwoven fabric, turitella agate.

Emerald Sea

Emerald Sea, 29″ X 14″ – Handwoven fabric, fabric, glass marbles.


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