Support: Spinning Wheel Care

1.  Try to keep the wheel in a dry, moderate climate.

2.  Try to avoid temperature extremes (i.e. keep out of direct sunlight and really damp and cold climates).

3.  Do not use Liquid Gold or other water-based cleaning products.

4.  If the wheel needs cleaning, use a cloth with paint thinner or similar non-water based product to wipe off dirt (once a year at most) and then re-oil with a natural oil like Deft or Watco (follow the directions on the can!).   Steel wool, grade 00, may also be used to clean the wheel.

5.  Use 10-20 or 10-30 weight oil sparingly, rarely on the footman, mostly just on the flyer shaft and bobbins while spinning.  Regularly wiping the shaft clean will prevent the oil from becoming gummy.

6.  No oil or lubricant should be used in the spinning wheel hub pin hole, in the center of the hub between the spokes.



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