We carry 2 different types of heddles: inserted eye heddles, and texsolv heddles (shown below). Our inserted eye heddles will fit any Standard Floor Loom, Wolf Loom, or Table Loom. Texsolv heddles come in different lengths to accommodate our Schacht Floor looms, Schacht Cranbrook Countermarche Looms, and Bexell and Norwood manufactured Cranbrook looms. Please consult the table below for the appropriate  heddle size.


Inserted eye heddles are our standard heddle.

inserted eye heddle drawing

* Note: Metal heddles are measured center eye to center eye

Inserted eye heddles are wire heddles with a round inserted eye.  They are excellent for larger, textured yarns or fine delicate yarns.


texsolv heddle drawing

Texsolv heddles are lighter and quieter than the flat steel or inserted eye heddles. Some weavers feel that Texsolv heddles are slower to thread.


Due to manufacturer issues, flat steel heddles are no longer available.




Texsolv Heddles - Brown tie - 9"
fit all Schacht Looms except Cranbrooks.  (Not recommended for Baby or Mighty Wolf Looms.)

9 3/8" knot to knot

Texsolv Heddles - Green tie - 12"
fit all Schacht Cranbrook Looms
and 72" or Larger Cranbrook Looms by Norwood

12 1/2" knot to knot

Texsolv Heddles - Pink tie - 10"
fits some Bexell Cranbrooks

10 1/2" knot to knot

Texsolv Heddles - Blue tie - 11-1/2"
fits 48" & 60" Norwood Cranbrooks

12" knot to knot

Texsolv Heddles - White tie - 11"
fits some Bexell Cranbrooks

11 1/2" knot to knot