What’s New??

The Wolf Pup and Wolf Pup LT have been gaining in popularity and new Pup owners are asking for more accessories. We’ve responded with three new products to make your Pups even more wonderful.

Wolf Pup High Castle Tray You can now order this for your current loom or a new one. The tray can be fitted on both the Wolf Pup and Wolf Pup TL. FL3095 Retail price: $135.00

Wolf Pup Section Beam (serial number needed). The sectional beam comes as a kit and can be added to any new or existing Wolf Pup or Wolf Pup LT. Use with our Schacht Tension Box and Spool Rack. FL3040 Retail price: $120.00

Wolf Pup LT 4-shaft with Height Extender. If you are 5’6” or taller (or with long legs), you might consider ordering a height extender with your Wolf Pup LT (it is not available for Wolf Pups). This will raise up your loom 2”. It is most economical to order the height extender with the loom. FL3009 Retail Price: $1,533.00

Wolf Pup LT Height Extender for WP LT. When adding to any existing Wolf Pup LT, you can order the height extender for the WP LT. It is not available for the Wolf Pup. For looms built before March 30th, 2016, you will need to drill some holes for the attachment. FL3084 Retail price: $284.00

Jane Patrick

Jane Patrick is Creative Director of Schacht Spindle Company. She is an author, lecturer, and teacher. You can find her class: Creative Weaving Techniques on the Rigid Heddle Loom, on Craftsy.