Blast From the Past – Handwoven Celebrates 35 Years

It hardly seems possible to many of us, but Handwoven is celebrating its 35th year of publication.

When we received our office copies last week, we were all pleasantly surprised to see on page 6 a flashback to 33 years ago. In a photo that puts Instagram to shame, (#nofilter) we see a trio of amazing handweavers celebrating the first Weaving and Spinning Week by participating in the sheep to shawl event at the Colorado State Fair: Deborah Chandler of Learning to Weave fame, Linda Ligon, founder of Interweave Press and Handwoven’s first editor, and on the far right, our very own Jane Patrick herself (the second editor of Handwoven).

Close-up of the photo of Deborah, Linda and Jane

The article that this photo accompanies is a beautifully written window into the world of weaving and the early years of Handwoven written by Linda. She credits Barry Schacht and Halcyon Schomp with urging her to create a magazine that included instructions for weaving projects, an idea that continues to inspire legions of weavers. Linda captures what it means to be living in this world, and how weaving fits into that framework. For many fiber artists, their art directly reflects their life, or in the case of weaving, it poses a balance to the chaos surrounding us.

Happy 35th Anniversary Handwoven! May there be 35 more years of inspiration to follow.

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Benjamin Krudwig

Benjamin is the Content Manager at Schacht, and loves creating weaving and spinning content for the Schacht blog. His other spinning and weaving work can be seen in Handwoven, Spin-Off and the SIP Easy Weaving With Little Looms. You may find him on Instagram as @benjamin_krudwig