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Save Your Sidekick Footmen!

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Save Your Sidekick Footmen!

November 15, 2021

If you spin on a Sidekick, make sure you’re attaching the footmen in the proper holes. Each treadle has a metal footman tab, with two holes.

  • When you fold your Sidekick for travel, connect the footmen through the holes at the back of the tab.
  • When you unfold your Sidekick to spin, connect the footmen through the holes at the front of the tab, as shown here. If you spin with footmen in the back holes, they get stressed. The footmen were designed to sit in the front holes for spinning.

Use the front holes on the metal footman tab when you’re spinning.

If the footman breaks, ask your dealer for a replacement (R-SK-900253).

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