General Spinning Wheel Troubleshooting

Flyer won’t turn. The drive band is not over the flyer whorl, or the drive band is too loose.  Make sure the drive band is positioned correctly in the flyer whorl.  Tighten the drive band.  Yarn won’t wind on. – There may not be enough tension. Tighten the drive band or the Scotch tension band. […]

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Spinning Wheel Travel Bobbin

My Bobbins are Noisy

To fix noisy bobbins use white grease lubricant (available at most hardware stores). Place the bobbin on the flyer shaft. Then place a small amount of white grease on either end of the bobbin on the flyer shaft. Put a drop of oil on top of the white grease. When finished spinning wipe the white […]

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Lynn Zimmerman

Caring for Your Spinning Wheel

1.  Try to keep the wheel in a dry, moderate climate. 2.  Try to avoid temperature extremes (i.e. keep out of direct sunlight and really damp and cold climates). 3.  Do not use Liquid Gold or other water-based cleaning products. 4.  If the wheel needs cleaning, use a cloth with paint thinner or similar non-water […]

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Selling old equipment

We do not buy back used equipment, and are unable to provide information on the value of used equipment since this depends heavily on the condition of the equipment and your local market. See the Price List for information on current retail prices or contact a local Schacht Retailer for assistance.  

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