Important Information When Receiving Your Loom

Prior to your loom delivery, we will send you an email with the tracking information for your shipment. The shipping company will contact you when the loom arrives at their hub to set up a delivery window. Please let your dealer know as early as possible if you have any special delivery requirements or situations […]

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How to Remove Heddles from a Loom

Equipment required: Strong cotton cord (approx 30” for each shaft) and a Tapestry needle with eye large enough for the cord. If the loom is not threaded, it is easiest to move heddles if you remove the harness from the loom first. 1. Work with one shaft at a time. Make one bundle of heddles […]

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Wolf Pup Treadle Tracker

How to Install the Treadle Tracker

Parts mounting bracket #8 Phillips screws (2) clip stick TOOLS YOU WILL NEED Phillips screw driver Drill and 1/8″ drill bit Installation 1. Attach the treadle tracker mounting bracket to the rear castle cross piece of your loom. On a low castle loom this is the cross piece behind the shafts that connects the castle […]

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