Zoom Loom Mat

Zoom Loom Table Mat

When one has a three-year-old with a fondness for making tents around the house, tablecloths no longer serve their intended purpose. Our dinner table is scantily clad these days, choosing to cover itself with a small tray that holds various condiments and candlesticks. Well, I recently had one of those, “I’m a weaver with no […]

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Covered Chair

Reupholstering a chair with Overshot Fabric

Chair before After returning from a fabulous time at the New England Weavers Seminar in July, I found myself rewriting the beginning of this article. I was so lucky to spend two days in a round-robin style class taught by Marjie Thompson entitled 18th & 19th Century High Fashion for the Middle Class. To say […]

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Check this out!

  If you haven’t been reading Yearning to Spin and Weave, then you’ve been missing out on some great ideas, meanderings, project ideas from Melissa and Stephanie. Here’s Melissa’s rug woven from old t-shirt strips from our last installment–now that’s recycling. Look for Stephanie’s repurposed sweater in the next issue and be inspired!

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