Summer Project Collection

Summer is right around the corner, and many fiber artists worry about their wearable projects being too heavy or warm. Here are a few projects that should keep you weaving and cool over the summer months. This lightweight cowl is a fun fashion accessory that won’t warm you up. Made in cotton, it can absorb […]

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Zoom Loom Mat

Zoom Loom Table Mat

When one has a three-year-old with a fondness for making tents around the house, tablecloths no longer serve their intended purpose. Our dinner table is scantily clad these days, choosing to cover itself with a small tray that holds various condiments and candlesticks. Well, I recently had one of those, “I’m a weaver with no […]

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Variable Dent Challenge – Ruffled Scarf

Ruffled Scarf – Designed and Woven By Jane Patrick This silk and wool scarf was inspired by one Stephanie Flynn Sokolov designed for our Woven Scarves book (Interweave Press, 2014). For this earthy interpretation, I offset the wool stripe for an asymmetrical look. The 8 dent section allows for extra space for the wool to felt. Section placement: […]

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Weaving to Woo Week – Lover’s Knot

In many marriage ceremonies there is a tradition that symbolizes the union of the couple. Two or more ropes are joined together by the couple to signify the intertwining of their lives. This knot is named the True Lover’s Knot, and could be used in such a ceremony. Incredible Rope Machine True Lover’s Knot Making […]

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Cloud Scarf

Happy Little Clouds Scarf

When autumn rolls around, I can’t help but feel excited about dusting off my scarf collection. Shortly after reviewing the ever-growing, yet neatly folded pile, I inevitably determine it is lacking that perfect scarf. And shortly after determining that my collection of scarves is lacking, I am sketching out a plan for a new scarf. […]

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Zoom Loom Project: Infinity Squared

No, you don’t have to weave an infinity of squares to make this project! Just weave 20-22 squares in Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, taking advantage of the slow color changes in this yarn to create a scarf with beautiful color gradations, finished with a delightful crocheted picot edging. If you need a little help with […]

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Covered Chair

Reupholstering a chair with Overshot Fabric

Chair before After returning from a fabulous time at the New England Weavers Seminar in July, I found myself rewriting the beginning of this article. I was so lucky to spend two days in a round-robin style class taught by Marjie Thompson entitled 18th & 19th Century High Fashion for the Middle Class. To say […]

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Zoom Loom Pixie Hat

John Mullarkey of Malarky Crafts has designed this incredibly cute hat. Made with two colors of Regia Hand-Dye Effect yarn, it takes just 16 squares plus 3 for the decoration on the crown. Though you’ll need to be alert when you sew this hat together, the weaving is quick and the results are adorable! Our sales […]

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Zoom Loom Zippy Bow Tie

This super easy project, our second in our Zoom Loom project series, requires just 3 Zoom Loom squares. A neck band is crocheted and slipped through the back of the “knot” and secured with a snap fastener. This Zippy Bow Tie is created by our very own Benjamin Krudwig. (Benji’s checkered hat and scarf were the project featured […]

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