Which Whorl Should I Use?

Our suggestions are below. You should use the whorl that helps you get the yarn you want. Sampling is always a good idea. Our Extra Slow Speed and Slow Speed Whorls are excellent for thick, low-twist yarns, and useful for novelty yarns. A longer drive band may be needed when the slowest whorls are used. […]

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Lynn Zimmerman

Caring for Your Spinning Wheel

1.  Try to keep the wheel in a dry, moderate climate. 2.  Try to avoid temperature extremes (i.e. keep out of direct sunlight and really damp and cold climates). 3.  Do not use Liquid Gold or other water-based cleaning products. 4.  If the wheel needs cleaning, use a cloth with paint thinner or similar non-water […]

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How to Spin Lofty Yarns

This year marks five years since I began spinning. Over the years I have progressed (as most spinners do) from spinning chunky and uneven yarns to finer and more consistent yarns. Recently, I wanted to spin some bulky yarn for a wall hanging. I realized that I needed to retrain myself on how to spin […]

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Frabjous Collaborous Stole

Ooooh – collaboration! One of those undertakings full of opportunity and creativity. Frabjous Fibers/Wonderland Yarns sent Schacht a box of fiber and yarn goodness. This wonderful Vermont company has an abundant line of hand-dyed yarns and fibers, including fair trade yarns and other delights. I was instantly drawn to the colors and textures of yarn […]

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How to Spin a Textured Gradient Cable Yarn – Classy Squid Fiber Co. Collaboration

When I first approached Amanda from Classy Squid Fiber Company about doing a collaboration with her fiber, I had no idea that we would mesh so well! I immediately resonated with her bright colors, innovative blends, and artistic personality. Amanda’s style could be classified as eclectic and nerdy, but overall there is something in her […]

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How to Spin and Weave Thick and Thin Yarn – Gherkin’s Bucket Collaboration

When Krysten from Gherkin’s Bucket showed me the new colorway she dyed up for this collaboration, I was floored! The stunning blues, greens, greys, and browns are a perfect way to celebrate the coming of spring. When I started planning this project, I knew I wanted to spin a thick and thin single, then ply […]

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