Surprise Snowman

Drinking hot cocoa, sledding, building snowmen; these are a few of my favorite snowy-day activities. In Colorado, it isn’t always snowy enough to build a snowman, so with this easy Zoom Loom project you can make your own snowman no matter the weather. This cutie requires just a few squares, so you’ll be finished in […]

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Danish medallions schacht enewes

Danish Medallions

Barry and I attended the Vav conference in Vaxjo, Sweden at the end of September. We warped up a Flip loom with Danish Medallions (designed by Stephanie Flynn Sokolov) with sock yarn from our Swedish dealer Limmo-design. We were tickled that so many of the conference attendees were fascinated with Danish medallions: it was fun […]

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Frabjous Collaborous Stole

Ooooh – collaboration! One of those undertakings full of opportunity and creativity. Frabjous Fibers/Wonderland Yarns sent Schacht a box of fiber and yarn goodness. This wonderful Vermont company has an abundant line of hand-dyed yarns and fibers, including fair trade yarns and other delights. I was instantly drawn to the colors and textures of yarn […]

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Raffia placemats

Raffia Placemats and (bonus!) Drink Coasters

It’s officially dining al fresco season here in New England and I’m taking every opportunity to live outside. This summer placemat project uses raffia to create lightweight and durable mats that will brighten up your table, whether you choose to dine inside or out. True raffia is made from strips of a type of palm […]

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Picking Up Stitches on Woven Fabric

Over the last decade, I’ve formed a passion for the rigid heddle loom, encouraging hundreds of new weavers throughout the east to get started with this craft. Together, we love the affordability, portability, and quick results associated with the small, rigid heddle loom. Along the way, I am repeatedly asked, “What can I make besides […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Zoom Loom

Hello! I am Heather McVickar, Schacht Spindle’s new Sales and Marketing Director. I have somewhat of an eclectic job history, but most recently come from spending 12 years in the yarn industry. I love fibers, how they are used, and how they combine to make so many amazing beautiful and useful items. Much of my […]

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Be inspired by Easy Weaving with Little Looms

The second issue of Interweave’s popular magazine Easy Weaving with Little Looms features 23 projects with top-notch education and inspiration from master weavers such as Deb Essen, Stephanie Flynn Sokolov, and Sara Bixler. In this year’s issue, the editors have added inkle weaving projects and home textiles so that you can turn your house into […]

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scarf saori debbie held

Freeform, SAORI-Inspired Weaving on the Cricket Loom

  If you are an avid fiber crafter, there’s a good chance that you’ve taken notice of weaving and the incredible surge in popularity this craft has been experiencing. Perhaps you’ve even dipped a toe in the water, having purchased a small rigid heddle loom for yourself before you order that special floor loom. Soon, […]

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10 Tips on Weaving Transparencies on a Rigid Heddle Loom

  Handwoven transparencies are related to tapestries in that you can weave intricate pictorial designs with both techniques. Transparencies are lighter weight, with inlaid patterning on a sheer plain weave background. Two wefts are required: a background weft which weaves selvedge to selvedge and a pattern weft that weaves the pattern or design. The background is […]

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ZL turkey - finished

Zoom Loom Turkey

Zoom Loom Turkey Benjamin Krudwig Here’s a quick project you can weave up just in time for Thanksgiving. The project requires only 4 squares, so you could easily finish in time to include Mr. Tom for your Thanksgiving table décor. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious: weave one for every place setting—a take-home gift for all […]

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Three Easy Woven Brooklyn Tweed Projects Perfect for This Fall

  Earlier this year, We e-mailed the team at Brooklyn Tweed to see if they wanted to participate in one of our collaborations for 2016. I was thrilled when I heard that Jared Flood, Founder and Creative Director of Brooklyn Tweed, wanted to see what we could do. Not only were they game for a collaboration, they […]

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