Confessions of a Novice Weaver – The Final Week


The final installment from new weaver, Melissa Ludden.

Our final project was to weave overshot. Confession #10 My first impression of overshot was that it seemed a bit fuddy duddy. Not very nice, I know, but this is a confession, and confessions are generally a bit controversial by nature. Then Judy showed us a shawl that her husband had woven for her that was elegant in its simplicity. It was mostly plain weave with a band of overshot at each end. Again, the light went on. Of course I didn’t need to weave a queen size bedspread with matching shams. Overshot could simply be another way to incorporate texture and visual interest into my weaving. Being that I bike to work each day, thanks in part to an astoundingly extensive system of trails maintained by the City of Boulder, I thought it would be nice to add a bit of flair to my basket by weaving a bag that could serve as a liner and carryall. I opted to use a bit of Cascade 220 in two shades that remind me of the pine trees back home in Maine. As you can see, my overshot is quite overshot, but I love it, and it fits the bike basket perfectly. I still have a flap and a handle to whip up, but am really happy to have made something that I know I’ll get so much use from.

I am now ready to weave up a storm. I have recently acquired an eight shaft Baby Wolf, and not a day has passed since setting it up that I haven’t at least sat down in front of it and professed my love. We will be making sweet weaving together in the not-too-distant future, and with my basic weaving skill set in tow, I am off to break the rules.

Melissa Ludden Hankens

You can find Melissa designing weaving projects for the Schacht blog and E-news. Melissa is also online at and on Instagram as mlhankens ( ).