Confessions of a Novice Weaver – Week Six

After last week’s homework frustration, I decided that an easy, yet satisfying project was the way to go. It helped that Atwater-Bronson lace weaving was our next focus as it was fairly straightforward and wove up quickly. With spring on the horizon, and being that I use any excuse I can to wear scarf, I decided to make myself a spring scarf. I stepped a bit outside of my comfort zone when making my color selection for this project. I wouldn’t go so far as to call this pink, perhaps more of a warm flesh tone, but given that my wardrobe largely consists of black and a smattering of relatively subdued colors, it’s a departure. My mother will be so proud.

Confession #9:

I don’t really like the idea of strictly adhering to a pattern, weaving is more fun for me if part of the creative process happens along the way. Consequently, I sampled a variety of lace blocks throughout my piece as the mood struck me. I especially enjoyed creating the ladder hemstitching near each edge. I may twist the fringe, but probably not. It’s long enough that I can give it a bit of a haircut if the ends start to look too ragged. Now if it would just stop snowing.

Melissa Ludden Hankens

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