Happy New Year and Happy Weaving


Last night I warped and wove my sample scarf for my TNNA (The National Needlework Association) class I’ll be teaching next week in Long Beach. It turned out all right; I learned a few things. I added to my weaving vocabulary—that storehouse of knowledge that increases every time I weave. Weaving discoveries inspire me and propel me forward to the next warp.

I love to weave but I love the lessons almost as much. If you’ve been weaving a long time you may feel the same way. If you’re a new weaver still learning the difference between treadle and heddle, I want to say to you that on this weaving journey there is much to be discovered. Do not despair. Just know that every warp, every throw of the shuttle offers takes you further along the road.

I hope you’ll be encouraged by the fact that even after 30 some years at the loom I’m still adding to my knowledge base. You won’t master weaving right away, but over time you’ll realize that suddenly certain things are automatic, don’t require thinking, can lead you to a successful project in an evening’s time, as luckily happened to me last night.

Some of what I’ve learned this week:
1. Brown Sheep Nature Spun Wool felts easily in the washing machine.
2. By rolling up the woven scarf in dish dowels to separate the layers, tying the bundle with string and then inserting the whole thing into a lingerie bag, you can felt your scarf successfully in the washing machine. Use a regular cycle, a good measure of detergent and hot water. Checking on your bundle a time or two is probably worthwhile.
3. To avoid matting during washing, trim the weft ends hanging at the edges before washing. Contain the fringe.
4. To speed sampling, especially if you have limited stick shuttles, wrap both sides of the shuttle with a separate color.


My sister Sarah has me hooked on Pandora Radio. What I like about it: you can pick the artist you like and hear that artist plus others who are similar. You have endless hours of listening to music you want to listen to. I’ve been reintroduced to artists I’d long forgotten about and stumbled on new sounds and tunes. Here’s the link: www.pandora.com
Check it out.

Schacht Spindle

Schacht Spindle Company, Inc. was founded during the back-to-earth movement of the late 1960s and its accompanying craft resurgence. Their first loom was a simple tapestry loom, a version which they still make today. Over nearly 50 years, Schacht has developed a broad range of high-quality hand weaving and hand spinning tools, including their popular Cricket Loom and Ladybug Spinning wheel. Schacht’s mission is to create beautiful and well-designed products that enhance customers’ weaving and spinning experience through innovative problem solving, creative ideas, skilled woodworking and craftsmanship, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Schacht’s family-owned business is located in Boulder, Colorado.