How Old is My Baby Wolf Loom?

Baby Wolf Loom: The serial number can be found underneath the Schacht Logo on the cross piece under the harnesses at the front of the loom. On older looms. the serial number may be on the castle side. If you added a high castle tray, you may need to remove the tray to find the serial number.
4Now-4Later Looms pre 1987 are numbered in the 4- series.
After 1987, the serial number is the date of assembly (mmddyy) and the model of Loom. e.g. 011217-BW8-1 is an 8 Harness Baby Wolf built on January 12th 2017.


Baby Wolf Loom Serial Numbers Pre-1987

Serial Number Assembly Dates
4-1 through 4-242

8-1 through 8-61

August 1982 – December 1982
4-243 through 4-1136

8-62 through 8-363

January 1983 – December 1983
4-1137 through 4-2128

8-364 through 8-681

January 1984 – December 1984
4-2129 through 4-2472

8-682 through 8-808

January 1985 – May 1985
BW4-2473 through BW4-2844

BW8-809 through BW8-910

May 1985 – December 1985
BW4-2845 through BW4-3342

BW8-911 through BW8-1055

 January 1986 – December 1986


Benjamin Krudwig

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