How to Install the Treadle Tracker

mounting bracket
#8 Phillips screws (2)
clip stick

Phillips screw driver
Drill and 1/8″ drill bit

1. Attach the treadle tracker mounting bracket to the rear castle cross piece of your loom. On a low castle loom this is the cross piece behind the shafts that connects the castle sides. On a high castle loom this is the rear cross piece that forms the back side of of the high castle tray. You can center the mounting bracket or place it to one side.
2. Use the mounting bracket as a template to drill two 1/2”deep x 1/8” diameter holes in the rear castle cross. Hold the bracket in position against the rear castle cross with the lip of the mounting bracket toward the front of the loom.
3. Attach the bracket with the two screws.

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Benjamin Krudwig

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