Stick Shuttles

The simplest and most versatile of all shuttles. Ours are available in 9", 10", 12", 16", 20", 24" and 30" lengths. We recommend you choose a stick shuttle slightly shorter than the width of your warp.
Number Name Size Weight
SH5301 9" Stick Shuttle 9″x1.5″x.125″ 1oz
SH5307 10″ Slim Stick Shuttle 10″x.875″x.125″ 1oz
SH5300 12″ Stick Shuttle 12″x1.5″x.125″ 1oz
SH5302 16″ Stick Shuttle 16″x1.5″x.125″ 1oz
SH5303 20″ Stick Shuttle 20″x1.5″x.125″ 1oz
SH5304 24″ Stick Shuttle 24″x1.5″x.125″ 1oz
SH5306 30″ Stick Shuttle 30″x1.5″x.125″ 1oz