Luncheon Napkin Fabric


This project for luncheon napkins was inspired by a curtain fabric designed by Constance LaLena. It appeared in A Handwoven Treasury: The best projects, tips, and techniques from Handwoven magazine’s first ten years. As an editor of Handwoven during these years (and the editor of this collection), these curtains were always a favorite of mine.

On this 4-shaft weave, lace appears in every block. To weave alternating lace blocks, requires 8 shafts. I am currently adapting this project for 8 shafts, which I’ll share in a future blog post. Meanwhile, enjoy this project. It is really a fun one to weave.

Equipment: 4-shaft 15” table loom (you could also use a floor loom), 3 shuttles (I used two 11” boat shuttles and one stick shuttle for the dark blue weft).

Weave Structure: Canvas weave spots

Warp and Weft Yarn: 8/2 cotton in bleached white, light blue, and dark blue.

EPI: 20

Total Warp Ends: 295

Length: Allow 18” loom waste and 10% take-up. For 4 hemmed napkins you’ll need a 2 ½-yard warp.

Warp Color Order:

Draft: (See below)

Width in Reed: 14 ¾”

Weaving: Weave in a balanced weave to square the pattern. Follow the warp color order.

Jane Patrick

Jane Patrick is our Creative Director and former editor of Handwoven. She is an accomplished weaver and author of publications such as The Weaver's Idea Book, Simple Woven Garments, Woven Scarves, and various videos and DVDs.