New Wolf Pup 8.10

wolf pup 810

Coming to you in late fall is our new Wolf Pup 8.10. For years, weavers have been asking for an 8-shaft Wolf Pup LT. They loved their pint-sized loom for workshops, but wanted 8 shafts. We liked the idea, too, but how to get 10 treadles in such a narrow space—with room for feet? Weavers kept asking, so finally we decided to take on this design challenge. And once Barry started investigating ideas, he and his design team came up with ingenious design solutions for a small loom without sacrificing the features weavers love in their Baby Wolfs. To make ample room between treadles, the team narrowed the treadles, added outrigger legs, and moved the brake release to the outside of the loom. Like on the 8-shaft Baby Wolf, the Wolf Pup 8.10 sports a treadle aid.

Wolf Pup 810 with high castle tray

The Wolf Pup 8.10 has an X-frame design, providing a sturdy base while allowing the loom to be easily folded up to a depth of 19”. Folding the loom is a cinch, with or without a warp on it. For stability and sturdiness, we employ barrel nut construction and traditional woodworking joinery. The Wolf Pup 8.10 is super compact with a foot print of just 28” wide x 35 ½” deep when open. The Wolf Pup 8.10 is the perfect loom for schools, small spaces, and travel.

wolf pup 810 with wolf trap


You can accessorize your Wolf Pup 8.10 with an 8-shaft Wolf Pup High Castle Tray, Wolf Pup Trap, and a sectional beam. If you are a taller weaver, you might consider ordering your Wolf Pup 8.10 with a Height Extender, raising the loom up 2”, allowing for more leg room. Visit for more on the Wolf Pup 8.10.