Prep for Spinzilla

We are just about 2.5 weeks away from the 4th annual Spinzilla competition. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Spinzilla is a global spinning competition that raises money for NAMP (Needle Arts Mentoring Program) to get various fiber arts kits into the hands of children. We are happy to say we have another full team this year comprised of Schacht employees and alumni.

This year, we wanted to give you a checklist to help you prepare for Spinzilla.

[ ] Are you signed up for Spinzilla?

Signing up for Spinzilla is easy. You can either join a team or go rogue – the choice is all yours! There is a small fee associated with signing up, but all proceeds go to NAMP.

[ ] Are your bobbins clear?

You don’t want to be removing old yarn from bobbins while you should be spinning during the week, so take the time between now and October 3rd to ply all of your singles or remove your plied yarn from all your bobbins. Future-you will thank past-you. If you need more bobbins, contact your local Schacht dealer to purchase more before the contest starts!

[ ] Do you have fiber?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes we forget how much of our stash we have used. Head over to your nearest fiber source to grab enough fiber for the week. Also, there are many Spinzilla sponsors who are hosting deals for the competition. Check out this Ravelry board to see them all in one place!

[ ] Is the fiber prepped?

This is important. If you are spinning raw wool, be sure to clean it and card it before Spinzilla week. If it’s in another format, be sure to check that it is in suitable spinning shape!

[ ] Is your wheel properly lubricated?

We believe that it is essential to make sure that your wheel is all oiled up each time you sit down to spin. We have a handy video on how to properly oil your flyer for smooth spinning!


[ ] Do you have a goal?

Having a yardage goal for the week will help motivate you to spin each day! If you participated in Spinzilla last year, take that goal and maybe add 5-10% to encourage you to spin more this year.


These aren’t all the things you can do to prepare for Spinzilla; what is your favorite thing to do? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram how you get prepped for the big week!

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