Spinning Accessories

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Cotton Drive Bands (3/pkg)

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Fiber Friends – Pewter Pull Charms and Necklaces

Bison, Necklace
Bison, Charm
Lamb, Necklace
Lamb, Charm
Sheep, Necklace
Sheep, Charm
Bactrian Camel, Necklace
Bactrian Camel, Charm
Muskox, Necklace
Muskox, Charm
Billy Goat, Necklace
Billy Goat, Charm
Rabbit, Necklace
Rabbit, Charm
Llama, Necklace
Llama, Charm
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Schacht Spindle Oil Bottle

Oil Bottle

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Spinning Wheel Orifice Hook

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Threading Hook

Schacht-Reeves Orifice Hook

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Dizzy Yarn Gauge

Dizzy Yarn Gauge

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Barry’s Jubilee – 50th Anniversary Spinning Fiber

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Schacht Whorls

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Extra Slow, Maple$34.00
Extra Slow, Cherry$37.00
Slow, Maple$30.00
Slow, Cherry$34.00
Medium, Maple$30.00
Medium, Cherry$34.00
Fast, Maple$30.00
Fast, Cherry$34.00
High Speed, Maple$30.00
High Speed, Cherry$34.00
Super High Speed, Maple$30.00
Super High Speed, Cherry$34.00
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Schacht-Reeves Whorls

Super High Speed, Cherry$33.00
Super High Speed, Ash$32.00
High Speed, Cherry$33.00
High Speed, Ash$32.00
Fast, Cherry$33.00
Fast, Ash$32.00
Medium, Cherry$33.00
Medium, Ash$32.00
Slow, Cherry$33.00
Slow, Ash$32.00
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Spinning Wheel Bobbins

Spinning Wheel Bobbins

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High Speed, Maple$43.00
High Speed, Cherry$50.00
Regular, Maple$43.00
Regular, Cherry$50.00
Travel, Plastic$34.00
Bulky, Cherry$68.00
Bulky, Maple$59.00
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Curved Hand Crder

Hand Carders

Flick Carder$36.00
Curved "Cotton" 208 PSI$101.00
Curved Fine 112 PSI$95.00
Curved Medium 72 PSI$95.00
Mini Curved$61.00
Straight "Cotton" 208 PSI$101.00
Straight Fine 112 PSI$95.00
Straight Medium 72 PSI$95.00
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Schacht-Reeves Bobbin

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