Spinning Accessories

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Link to Ultra Swift

Ultra Umbrella Swift

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With Counter$365.00
Without Counter$283.00
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All three Bulky Plyer Fyers

Bulky Plyer Flyer Package

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Sidekick, Maple$312.00
Ladybug, Maple$312.00
Flatiron, Maple$312.00
Matchless Pre-2012, Cherry$332.00
Matchless Pre-2012, Maple$312.00
Matchless Post-2012, Cherry$332.00
Matchless Post-2012, Maple$312.00
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Curved Hand Crder

Hand Carders

Flick Carder$36.00
Curved "Cotton" 208 PSI$101.00
Curved Fine 112 PSI$95.00
Curved Medium 72 PSI$95.00
Mini Curved$61.00
Straight "Cotton" 208 PSI$101.00
Straight Fine 112 PSI$95.00
Straight Medium 72 PSI$95.00
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Schacht-Reeves Lazy Kate

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Niddy Noddy

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Matchless Spinning Wheel Cart

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Sidekick Bag

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Spinning Wheel Bobbins

Spinning Wheel Bobbins

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High Speed, Maple$43.00
High Speed, Cherry$50.00
Regular, Maple$43.00
Regular, Cherry$50.00
Travel, Plastic$34.00
Bulky, Cherry$68.00
Bulky, Maple$59.00
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Schacht-Reeves Bobbin

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Ladybug Lazy Kate

Ladybug Lazy Kate

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Schacht Whorls

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Extra Slow, Maple$34.00
Extra Slow, Cherry$37.00
Slow, Maple$30.00
Slow, Cherry$34.00
Medium, Maple$30.00
Medium, Cherry$34.00
Fast, Maple$30.00
Fast, Cherry$34.00
High Speed, Maple$30.00
High Speed, Cherry$34.00
Super High Speed, Maple$30.00
Super High Speed, Cherry$34.00
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Schacht-Reeves Whorls

Super High Speed, Cherry$33.00
Super High Speed, Ash$32.00
High Speed, Cherry$33.00
High Speed, Ash$32.00
Fast, Cherry$33.00
Fast, Ash$32.00
Medium, Cherry$33.00
Medium, Ash$32.00
Slow, Cherry$33.00
Slow, Ash$32.00
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