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Beginning 4-Shaft Weaving for Everyone Online Course

SKU: CO1016


Course available NOW!

Learn how to wind a warp chain and set up the Cricket Quartet for weaving, then weave 2 projects from pattern drafts.

You can purchase the course alone and use your own equipment, or get everything you need here!

At a minimum, you’ll need

  • a 15″ Cricket Loom
  • a Cricket Quartet with a 10 dent reed
  • a warping system (peg set or warping board) to wind warp chains—you cannot use the single warping peg that comes with the Cricket Loom.
  • shuttles—use the stick shuttles that came with your Cricket, or purchase boat shuttles, bobbins, and a bobbin winder.
  • yarn—purchase the Yarn Kit or choose your own yarn.
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Purchase course equipment here or visit your Schacht dealer.