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Cherry Ladybug



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We’ve taken the classic Ladybug Spinning Wheel and transformed it into a cherry delight! Gorgeous cherry wood is complemented by a sleek black drive wheel.

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Don’t miss out on this limited-edition wheel. They won’t last long!

Like the maple Ladybug, the Cherry Ladybug has characteristic solid Schacht construction and its unique design is both functional and charming.

Each Ladybug wheel is unique—somewhere on your wheel is your very own ladybug pal. The Ladybug can be used in Scotch tension, Irish tension, and double drive modes. Designed-in carrying handles in the legs and light weight make the Ladybug convenient to pick up and transport. Included with each wheel are a poly drive band, threading hook, three travel bobbins, medium and fast whorls, and double drive band. Each wheel comes with one of our signature ladybug enamel pins.

Accessories available for this wheel:
Cherry Ladybug Bulky Plyer Flyer $358
Cherry Bulky Front Maiden & Bearing $64

Ladybug assembly manual (new MOA since March 2015)