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Easel Weaver


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Warp, weave, and display on the Easel Weaver, available in 3 compact sizes: 6″, 8″, and 10″. The Easel Weaver is designed for on-the-go weaving, creative projects, and classroom settings. Its unique kickstand can be folded flat into the center brace, folded out for comfortable weaving, or extended for display. Made of quality maple plywood with sturdy warp teeth. No-slip rubber feet keep the loom in place while warping and weaving.

Buy your Easel Weaver as a standalone loom or a kit! The kit includes all the tools needed to weave: Easel Weaver Loom, Shed Stick, Weaving Stick, Plastic Beater, Plastic Shuttle, Plastic Weaving Needle.

Some assembly required.

In September 2019, we changed manufacturers of the beam teeth, and they are now white instead of tan.

Easel Weaver assembly & weaving instructions

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