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Fiber Friends – Pewter Pull Charms and Necklaces


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While it may be hard to keep a llama in your craft room, and cleaning up after a muskox is a full-time job, you can keep your favorite fiber animals close to your heart. We’ve sourced 5 fiber animal charms from a local mold maker that you can add to your menagerie. Choose from a rabbit, billy goat, camel, muskox, or bison. Each charm comes as either a necklace with a cord, or a pull charm with a clasp.

Each charm comes on a card with fun facts about the animal.

Handmade in the USA using lead-free SafePewter

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Bison, Lamb, Sheep, Bactrian Camel, Muskox, Billy Goat, Rabbit, Llama

Necklace or Charm

Necklace, Charm