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Inkle Keychains Kit


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Kit Options

  • green & blue: 60 yards (each) of green, blue, and white 5/2 pearl cotton, 7 keychain hooks
  • green & purple: 60 yards (each) of green, purple, and white 5/2 pearl cotton, 7 keychain hooks
  • pink & red: 60 yards (each) of pink, red, and white 5/2 pearl cotton, 7 keychain hooks

Kit accompanies the Inkle Weaving: Keychains course (sold separately).

*Please note that we are experiencing delayed shipping times and kit orders may be affected by this.*

Course Description

Discover the beauty of warp-faced fabric. In our Inkle weaving course, Sienna Bosch will teach you everything from warping the loom to developing your own designs. You’ll get started with warping, then weaving plain weave, and finally you’ll jump into pick-up patterns. You’ll even get to design your own pick-up patterns. You’ll end up with a set of keychains that will make great gifts or can be added to your handwoven collection.

What You'll Learn

  • Warping & Weaving: Learn to warp an inkle loom with texsolv or string heddles. Practice warping with several colors and weave a versatile plain weave keychain.
  • Pick-Up Patterns: Explore the possibilities of pick-up patterns in inkle weaving. Try some already designed patterns and learn to create your own designs.
  • Designing and Finishing: Learn the techniques to create a set of keychains. And take it to the next step as you learn about designing your own future inkle patterns.

What You'll Need

  • Inkle loom
  • Belt shuttle
  • 5/2 pearl cotton (included in kit)
  • Keychain hooks (included in kit)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Sewing needle and sewing thread