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Knob Kit for Cricket Stand

SKU: R-SL-973015


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Replaces the knobs and screws on all Cricket Floor Stands that hold the Cricket Loom in place. If you want to use the same stand for multiple looms, use this kit to add knobs and screws to each loom.

Kit includes 2 plastic knobs, 2 washers, 2 Allen head screws, and a 5/32″ Allen wrench.


  1. If necessary, remove the old plastic knobs, washers, and Allen head screws from the Cricket Stand.
  2. Place the loom between the stand legs. Place the Allen head screws through the rear slots of each leg and use the Allen wrench to screw them into the sides of the Cricket Loom.
  3. Slide each new plastic knob through a washer, then through the front slots of a leg. Screw the knobs into the sides of the Cricket Loom with the washers next to the knobs on the outside of the stand.

Move the front of the loom up or down, then tighten the knobs when you have set the loom at the desired angle.
When you remove the loom from the stand, tighten the knobs to the loom sides to secure the cross brace.

Cricket Floor Stand assembly manual