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Front Maiden Knob Kit for Ladybug

SKU: R-LB-400060


SKU: R-LB-400060 Category:


Replaces the front maiden knob on all Ladybug wheels. Kit includes the knob, T-nut slide, and barrel nut.


  1. Remove the old front maiden knob from the MOA. You can re-use the old T-nut slide and barrel nut or install the new ones.
  2. Slide the barrel nut into the front maiden. Use your fingers or a flat screwdriver to position the barrel nut: the slot on its end should be vertical and its hole should line up with the hole in the maiden. Check alignment by looking through the slot in the front maiden.
  3. From beneath the MOA, insert the knob shaft through the wide end of the T-nut slide, then into the front maiden. Screw the knob into the barrel nut.