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Made By Hand

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by Lena Corwin

A guide for creating beautiful projects by hand. A few years ago, celebrated textile designer, illustrator, and author Lena Corwin began hosting workshops in her Brooklyn studio. Her first classes focused on the techniques in her bestselling book Printing By Hand, but she quickly expanded the curriculum, inviting artists whose work she loves to teach classes on all of her favorite techniques. In Made By Hand, Lena curates a “best of” collection of 26 studio classes, all of which include step-by-step photos.

Our Review:

Made By Hand is a collection of various projects, each designed by different artists. Corwin based the book on various classes from artists that Corwin hosted in her Brooklyn studio. Each tutorial in the book is “taught” by the artist who created the project. The book explores a few projects beyond fibers, including soap making and dipping beeswax candles, but primarily focuses on working with textiles.

Corwin provides basic tutorials of some techniques used in the book, including using a sewing machine and an introduction to knitting and crochet. The instructions for each class are clear and easy to follow. Each project varies in difficulty, but regardless of your skill level, there’s sure to be something you’re interested in.

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