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Quick-Release Lever for Matchless & Sidekick

SKU: R-SW-900044


SKU: R-SW-900044 Categories: ,


Replaces the quick-release lever on all Sidekick wheels and Matchless wheels with the new mother-of-all (MOA). Includes quick-release lever, knob, and washer.


  1. If necessary, remove the old quick-release lever. Open the lever and unscrew the knob. Remove the knob and washer, then slide the lever shaft out of the MOA.
  2. Push the new quick-release lever shaft all the way through the front maiden and the MOA. Replace the washer and knob on the end of the shaft and tighten the knob until there is about 1/8″ of space between the lever and the wheel side. Close the quick-release lever.
  3. The knob should be just tight enough to need firm pressure to close the lever. If the lever closes loosely, open the lever, tighten the knob slightly, and close the lever again. If the lever requires a lot of pressure to close, loosen the knob slightly.