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Spin Dye Stitch

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By Jennifer Claydon

Take your love of yarn to the next level by creating your own. Spin, Dye, Stitch has everything you need to know to turn fibers into one-of-a-kind dyed handspun yarn. Clear, step-by-step instructions and photos teach you how to spin yarn and dye it so you can add a personal touch to any project.

Our review:
Spin, Dye, Stitch lays out different techniques you can use to customize your yarn. Claydon teaches how to use drop spindles, modern and traditional spinning wheels, and various dye methods. There are suggested projects for all skill levels of spinning, including using your handspun yarn for knitting and weaving projects. Claydon also provides tips and fixes for any mishaps that you may encounter as you spin, with clear instructions and photos.

By spinning and dyeing your own yarn, you can take more control over your projects. You won’t be limited by commercial colors and yarn. This book is excellent for learning some basic fiber knowledge, how to get started spinning, how to dye fiber at home, and what you can do with your yarn.

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