Apron Cords for Maple Wolf and Maple or Cherry Standard Floor Looms

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Replaces the apron cords on maple or cherry Standard Floor Looms and their double back beams; maple Wolf looms and their maple double back beams. Sold in packs of 5.

How many cords do I need?

For newer looms, you will need one cord per hole in the cloth, warp, or double back beam.

  • Wolf Pup (original), LT, and 8.10: 4 holes per beam
  • Baby Wolf : 5 holes per beam
  • Mighty Wolf/Standard 36″: 7 holes per beam
  • Standard 45″: 9 holes per beam

On older Baby Wolf, Mighty Wolf, and Standard Floor Looms, which had pairs of holes for black nylon cord, install one cord at each end of the beam, then in one hole of each pair. We no longer carry the black nylon apron cord.

Why so many types of cords?

Each type of cord has a different length because the apron bars have to reach up and over front and/or back beams (or double back beams) for warping. This length changes for each type of loom and its double back beam.

  • Wolf loom apron cords: 29″
  • Wolf double back beam apron cords: 42″
  • Standard Floor Loom apron cords: 33″
  • Standard double back beam apron cords: 48″
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