Remembering 9/11: Weaving Still Feeds My Soul


My Baby Wolf ready for weaving.

Today as I weave, I remember how during those dark days 10 years ago I found solace at the loom. Not shell shocked any longer, but reflective of where the last years have taken us. I am mindful of loss and bravery and resilience. I want the strength and solidarity we felt as a people during those moments to bring us together now to solve our many difficult challenges. As my shuttle passes selvedge to selvedge, I am again comforted, hoping for good.

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Schacht Spindle

Schacht Spindle Company, Inc. was founded during the back-to-earth movement of the late 1960's and its accompanying craft resurgence. Their first loom was a simple tapestry loom, a version which they still make today. Over nearly 50 years, Schacht has developed a broad range of high quality hand weaving and hand spinning tools, including their popular Cricket Loom and Ladybug Spinning wheel. Schacht’s mission is to create beautiful and well-designed products that enhance customers’ weaving and spinning experience through innovative problem solving, creative ideas, skilled woodworking and craftsmanship, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Schacht’s family owned business is located in Boulder, Colorado.