Road Trip to Chadron–Cabela’s

This is the second year I’ve driven with three friends from my book group to Chadron, Nebraska for the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society Conference. It was a wonderful journey and I want to share some of it with you. Even though I’ve lived in Boulder, Colorado (a not too-shabby place to live) a decade longer than the length of time I spent growing up in Nebraska, when I exit I-76 at Sterling and head north to the sandhills, I feel I’m entering my homeland. This is where my heart and soul live. But as eager as I was to be in this familiar landscape, we just had to stop at Cabela’s in Sidney. If you fish or hunt or camp you should know about Cabela’s, strategically located on I-80 just outside of Sidney. Cabela’s, founded in 1961 when Dick Cabela tried to sell some fishing flies through classified ads in outdoor magazines, has grown into an impressive mail-order business with over 20 store locations nationwide.

The 80,000 square foot showroom at Sidney is a reason to take exit the interstate. (After you’ve finished shopping take a detour and drive instead along highway 30—and start discovering the beauty of Nebraska!)So, what can I say, we spent a lot of time browsing and shopping at Cabela’s. As a textile person the thing I couldn’t leave alone was the huge display of camo wear. I now have officially declared myself gaga over what they call 3-D clothing. If they’d had a jacket or pants in my size in their “leafy wear” I’d have come home looking like a tree. I settled instead for camo shooting gloves (and a skirt and sweatshirt…!) which I wore with my dress-up clothes and declared myself “quite fashionable”….! The idea of creating a 3-D fabric is something I want to explore in either a sewn fabric or a woven one. It won’t be camo, something more fitting to my urban environment. Perhaps Kentucky bluegrass, or city concrete…Once a textile person, always a textile person.

Highway 30
U.S. Highway 30 was the first paved coast-to-coast highway. Completed in 1935, it travels 3, 073 miles between Atlantic City and Astoria, Oregon. In Nebraska, U.S. 30 is kept completely separate from the parallel I-80, much of the route running along the South Platte and Platte Rivers, meaning you can still travel across the state and really see it—something that doesn’t happen on the interstate. The State of Nebraska has given U.S. 30 the designation of Lincoln Highway Scenic and Historic Byway. Recommended.

Schacht Spindle

Schacht Spindle Company, Inc. was founded during the back-to-earth movement of the late 1960s and its accompanying craft resurgence. Their first loom was a simple tapestry loom, a version which they still make today. Over nearly 50 years, Schacht has developed a broad range of high-quality hand weaving and hand spinning tools, including their popular Cricket Loom and Ladybug Spinning wheel. Schacht’s mission is to create beautiful and well-designed products that enhance customers’ weaving and spinning experience through innovative problem solving, creative ideas, skilled woodworking and craftsmanship, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Schacht’s family-owned business is located in Boulder, Colorado.