Schacht BBQ and Shuttle Race

Waiting for the race.That’s Miguel on the right (production, he’s the one who turns all your bobbins!).

Mercedes (assembly) with her winning entry in the design category.

Peter (production lead) with is Viking Boat Shuttle

The fastest cars, left to right: Luis (Sidekick builder), Filip (technical manager), and Michael (CNC operator).

My grandson James trying out the track.

Judy (currently our shipping manager, soon to be our sales and service manager) with her Flower Power car. Those are real flowers!

Cindy (production manager and spinning wheel specialist) with her shuttle plane.

If you attended Convergence in the past (the biennial conference of the Handweaver’s Guild of America), you might have seen a shuttle race. Basically, its adults having a blast making and racing cars made out of shuttles. The interpretation as you’ll see in these photos can be pretty broad.

We revived the shuttle race for this year’s summer BBQ, prompted by an employee who remembers his dad building shuttle racers when he was a kid. The entries were impressively creative, ranging from a two-boat-shuttle catamaran (first place in design) to a flame-painted roadster that played music, to a shuttle plane with triumphant cow on top. We even had a three wheeler that rocked! It was all good fun and I think there are those who are already thinking about next year…!

Jane Patrick

Jane Patrick is Creative Director of Schacht Spindle Company. She is an author, lecturer, and teacher. You can find her class: Creative Weaving Techniques on the Rigid Heddle Loom, on Craftsy.