Schacht Holiday Gift Guide

Our first snow has fallen in Boulder and November is well on its way. Meaning: the holidays are just around the corner.
We all know that finding the perfect gift for your fiber enthusiast can be a challenge. However, all of us in the Schacht office can offer suggestions–because we want all of these things too! Here is a simple (non-comprehensive) gift guide from us to you! Find all of these Schacht favorites at your local dealer.


Gifts for Anyone


Zoom Loom
The Zoom Loom is a great way to introduce weaving to adults and kids ages 10 and up. Get somebody who knits, crochets or tats, inspired to weave with this small, easy-to-take-with-you pin loom. Retailing at $39.00, it’s a super affordable gift for the crafter in your life!
Hi-Lo Drop Spindles
Drop spindles are an affordable and and simple way to explore the magical craft of spinning fluff into yarn. Our 3″ Hi-Lo Drop spindle is the perfect beginner spindle ($21.00).

Not-for-Beginners Only
Nothing gets weavers more excited than seeing fabric manifest before their eyes. Get weaving in a jiffy with our Cricket and Flip rigid heddle looms. Ranging in weaving width sizes from 10″ to 30″ there’s the right size loom for your avid fiberista/0.


15″ Cricket Loom
The Cricket Loom is super portable and light weight, allowing weavers to weave anywhere and everywhere.
The Flip offers a more deluxe option with wider weaving widths and options for a second heddle. Whether your recipient already weaves or not, these gifts are sure to please them! Our cute-as-a-bug Cricket retails for $154.00-$174.00. The acrobatic Flip retails for $260.00-$360.00.
Sidekick Spinning Wheel

For the-spinner-on-the-go, the Sidekick is a superior travel wheel that now has a companion, the Sidekick Bag ($65.00). With the unmatchable Schacht workmanship, and the ingenious folding design, the Sidekick can go wherever they want it to go! The Sidekick ($825.00) is an unbeatable price for unbeatable quality.


Luxury Gifts
8 Harness Baby Wolf
Our Schacht family of looms has a variety of options, starting with our  Wolf Pup LT to our Standard Floor Loom. Our Wolf Looms, our most popular floor looms, all fold up and offer weaving widths of 18″, 26″ and 36″. The Pup sports 4 harness capability, whereas the Baby and Mighty Wolf Looms are available in either 4 and 8 harnesses. The Standard Floor Looms, in either 4 harnesses or 8 harnesses, are well built pieces of equipment that offer a wealth of weaving options.
Schacht-Reeves Saxony Wheel
For the passionate spinner, our Matchless Spinning Wheel and Schacht-Reeves Saxony wheels are stunning options.
The Matchless is made of beautiful Michigan maple. You may also find one of our limited edition cherry Matchless wheels that are promised for the holiday season. Check with your favorite dealer for availability.
Our Schacht-Reeves is our most luxurious wheel and is available in a variety of options.


For Those Who Have Everything
We know that many fiber folks have a number of tools, stashes and equipment, and it seems like they couldn’t possibly need something more. This is never true.
-Our new Card Weaving Cards are the perfect stocking stuffer at just $6.50 per pack of 25.
New Card Weaving Cards

Cricket Stands and Trestle Stands are another way to accessorize.

-The Variable Dent Reed is available for all of our Cricket and Flip Looms.
-Spinners can always use more bobbins, also a great stocking stuffer.

-If your spinner has expressed interest in a plying head or artyarn spinning, a Bulky Plyer Flyer Package has it all!

-A full set of whorls is also a great small gift idea.
Contact your local Schacht Dealer and place an order today! Your fiber lover will love you even more!


-Benjamin Krudwig
Benjamin has a double degree in biology and photography (he also spins, weaves, knits and crochets)–so he’s a great mix of data and creativity–all wonderful traits as a member of our sales team. You’ll often hear his friendly voice on the phone and you’ve probably noticed his name pop up in many places: Ravelry, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube. Ben is our social media manager–the main reason you’ve seen more activity on our Blog, Facebook, Ravelry, and Pinterest. To see what’s happening, click on the links below.
Benjamin Krudwig

Benjamin is the Content Manager at Schacht, and loves creating weaving and spinning content for the Schacht blog. His other spinning and weaving work can be seen in Handwoven, Spin-Off and the SIP Easy Weaving With Little Looms. You may find him on Instagram as @benjamin_krudwig