Schacht Office Inkle Challenge – Weave-asana Yoga Mat Caddy


Weave-asana Yoga Mat Caddy – Denise Renee Grace

My favorite projects are the simple ones.

I love plain weave, color, and easy techniques that make a subtle but distinct statement. So when Kate (our computer systems guru) said she wanted a yoga mat strap, I knew that was the inkle project for me! She loves purple, so I got a rich shade of purple and mixed it with a royal blue and a luscious green. Staying with the simple theme, I chose a striped pattern for a continuous loop band that would hug the yoga mat. This was the first inkle band I made where my selvedges were somewhat decent because I watched Jane’s inkle video, Inkle Weaving A to Z before diving into the project. Just because I work with Jane, doesn’t mean I just learn everything by osmosis. It helps to see the gems of wisdom she has to offer in an organized platform like video, and I have learned so much. Thanks, Jane!

Materials: Inkle Loom, 5/2 pearl cotton, 37 heddles (74 total ends).

Warp: 8.5 feet (full warping path on Inkle Loom)

Yarn: 5/2 Pearl cotton in purple, navy and green

Weft: 5/2 Pearl cotton in purple

Detail of threading

Threading Pattern: X 12 HP N G P O P N G P

Weaving and Finishing: Weave the whole length of the warp until you can no longer weave. Using your own body as measure, test fit the strap until it rests comfortably. Cut off any excess and then sew the two ends together with a 1.5″ – 2″ overlap to form a loop. Wash and lay flat to dry.

View from the back

View from the side

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Denise Renee Grace

Denise Renee Grace first learned to weave as a student at Bethel College. She later moved to Boulder and worked in a re-purposed product company where Barry Schacht discovered her and hired her to work in our sales and service department. Denise’s first love is spinning and she is especially fond of working with natural fibers on all four of her Schacht Wheels. When it comes to weaving, tabby tickles her. In charge of customer care, Denise spends her days here helping people—something she does so well.