Seasonal Doll Challenge – Winter Winner Announced

Schacht and the Zoom Loom Group have been participating in a Zoom Loom Doll Challenge using the pattern that was in our newsletter last summer. The Ravelers had a few weeks to construct a doll for Winter.

Seven beautiful dolls were submitted and we had a very difficult time choosing a winner!
All of the dolls were unique and had such great personalities; each one was a winner in their own right, however we needed to choose a winner. The Ravelry usernames of the makers are listed under each doll.
To see more pictures of the dolls, head over to this thread.

The winner of the Winter challenge was……

Skinouye’s Doll! We chose this one for one big reason which is the attention to detail. Everywhere you look, there is an intricate little embellishment.
Congratulations Skinouye! A blog post about her and her doll will go up next week!

Skinouye’s Doll!

The other fantastic dolls are shown here:

weaveyarn's doll
Weaveyarn’s Doll


ThreadeM's Doll
ThreadseM’s Doll – The Winter Witch


NCF's Doll
Noreen Crone-Findlay’s Doll – Winter Fairy


kfolson's doll
kfolson’s Doll


HotAfricanQueen's doll
HotAfricanQueen’s Doll – Ms. Coco Brown


gailsaxton's doll
gailsaxton’s Doll – Icicle Man

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Benjamin Krudwig

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