Spring Quarantine Spin-Along Grand Finale

Welcome to our final post of the spin along. We’re so glad all of you joined us on this journey. Deb has some final projects to share with us and we have assembled a gallery of YOUR posts from the spin along. Find them all at #springquarantinespin and Ravelry.



Dessert Wax Bowl

If you’re of a certain age, you might remember the delightful Saturday Night Live ad for Shimmer: “It’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping!” This classic sketch inspired a knitted bowl with a pentagonal bottom that you can also wear as a hat. It’s perfect for rocking a crew cut or for disguising a coronavirus-self-haircut look!

Bowls, unlike hats, require an extreme rate of decrease so the bottom will lie flat. Bowls also need to be knit at a firm gauge so the sides will stand up.


Water Lily Cushions

These coordinating cushions make the most of handspun self-striping yarn. Stockinette stitch shows off the sheen of Merino-Silk-Bamboo yarn. Lightly textured linen stitch breaks up and recombines colors in the BFL skein.

Get both project instructions and special tips here. Special tips include:

  • Blocking an odd shape
  • Sizing fabrics for pillow inserts
  • Sewing hand-knitted fabric to decorator fabric
Deb Gerish

Deb has been a project manager at Schacht since 2018. Before that, she worked as a knitting editor at Interweave and as a history professor. She's contributed articles to SpinOff and many blog posts on knitting and spinning for Interweave and Long Thread Media.