Parts for Bexell and Norwood Cranbrook Looms

Read about the history of the Cranbrook Loom (PDF)

Due to changes in the Cranbrook Loom over 85 years and because there are no records (though you may have a serial number, there are no corresponding records for it), we can only supply limited parts. Below is the complete list of what is available. We cannot supply other parts for looms not made by us.

If you have a Cranbrook Loom made by Schacht, it will have our sheep logo on it with a serial number. We will need your serial number for any parts needed for a Schacht Cranbrook Loom.

We can supply the following parts for Bexell or Norwood Cranbrook Looms:

Texsolv Heddles

Straight Pegs, Anchor Pegs, L-pins

Stainless Steel Reeds

Harness Spacers

We do not carry chains or the plastic tubing used to cover them. The chains are #8 sash cord and can be found at better hardware stores where you might also discover a supply of tubing.

NOTE: Prices on this web page are subject to change without notice. To verify current prices, please view the price list or email Schacht.





HR8009 10″ Texsolv Heddles (Pink)

(10.5″ knot to knot)

HR8007 11″ Texsolv Heddles (White)

(11″ knot to knot)

HR8017 11.5″ Texsolv Heddles (Blue)

(12″ knot to knot)

HR8015 12″ Texsolv Heddles (Green)

(12.5″ knot to knot)



The most accurate way to measure a texsolv heddle is to gently stretch it along a ruler. Insert a pin in the heddle at each end so you can accurately determine the length of the heddle.

How to measure texsolv heddles


If you are switching your non-Schacht Cranbrook to a Texsolv tie-up system, you can either use your existing L-pins or purchase straight pegs. Straight pegs sit on top of the lamms. Generally, the anchor peg we use for our Schacht Cranbrook looms do not fit the holes of Cranbrooks not made by us.





Cranbrook Anchor Pegs (pkg 10)



Wolf Brake PEg/Arrow Peg (pkg 10)


L-pin (each)


Cranbrook Tie-up Cord


Note: There have been several sizes of L-pins made over the years. We have an abundant quantity of one size only: .12″ (or 1/8″).


We supply 48″, 60″, and 72″ stainless steel reeds in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 5-dents. You can special order different dents or lengths. We will quote you a price for any special order reeds. Allow 4-12 weeks for delivery of special order reeds. For current pricing check our our price list.


The harness spacers are the 3-part pieces at the ends of the harnesses. There should be a long and a short piece held in place with a metal sleeve (called the Harness Spacer Lock). The sleeve is 4″ but will fit any loom. Depending on your loom, we may need to custom cut these pieces for you; we will need exact measurements. There is a charge of $10.00 for each set up. Our standard parts:




13-300036 Harness Spacer Top (8.25″) $3.80

Harness Spacer Bottom (2.75″)


Harness Spacer Lock (4″)


Harness Spacer Parts

Top to bottom: Harness Spacer Lock, Harness Spacer Bottom, Harness Spacer Top.

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