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Weave Along with Jane Patrick

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Jane is at home getting to know our new Arras Tapestry Loom—and rediscovering tapestry weaving. She just wove this sampler tapestry bag that will appear in the May-June issue of Handwoven. There’s a lot to learn from weaving this bag—and you have a usable object when it’s finished. An inkle belt strap trims out the bag. Look for Jane’s article and her tapestry tips in Handwoven. Detailed project instructions will appear on our website early in May: www.schachtspindle.com\tapestrysampler

To further explore weft-faced and tapestry weaving, Jane is going to host a weave along. We’ll be using our new Arras loom, but you could use a frame loom such as the Easel Weaver or Lilli Loom, or even your Cricket or Flip rigid heddle loom. You’ll want to wind or crank up the tension as tight as possible.

Here’s what Jane will be focusing on-

Week 1: Warping and getting ready to weave
Week 2: Weaving techniques and weft-faced color and weave
Week 3: Slit tapestry and interlock
Week 4: Weaving shapes and hatching
Week 5: Soumak, Rya knots, Damascus edge and finishing

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