Top 10 Blog Round Up for 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we thought we’d share a recap of our most read blog posts this year.

10: Weaving with Speckled Yarn
The speckled yarn craze is still going strong, and this collaboration with Western Sky Knits has been a hit this year.

9: Festive Wine Bag
This classic pattern makes for a great gift along with your favorite bottle of wine. Warp a few of these up on your loom and have them handy throughout the year.

8: 7 Ways to Weave With Textured Yarns
Handspun yarn, especially those first few beginner bobbins, is not always easy to use in a project. Read this for a handful of ways that you can use your handspun yarn and other art yarns to create beautiful projects.

7: Weaving to Woo Week – Friendship Towels
A popular project for our floor loom weavers, this towel pattern is perfect for gift giving. Weavers and gift receivers alike love this classic weave.

6: Freeform, SAORI-Inspired Weaving on the Cricket Loom
Our guest blogger Debbie Held wrote this wonderful piece on how she uses her Cricket Loom for freeform weaving. This process is meant to be meditative and self-expressive, perfect for experimentation.

5: Weathered Brick Log Cabin Scarf
The multitude of patterns available to weavers is immense, however many people think these designs are only possible using floor looms. This project utilizes a technique called color and weave, handspun yarn, and a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom. This has become a perennial favorite on Pinterest!

4: Simple Guide for Your Rigid Heddle Reeds
The number 1 question new weavers ask us is “what are different reed sizes used for?” Here is a handy guide explaining which reeds are good for certain yarns.

3: Tips for Spinning Fine Yarns for Handwoven Lace
The illustrious Maggie Casey stopped by our blog to write this guide to how to spin fine yarn specifically for weaving.

Laced flyer

2: 10 Tips on Weaving Transparencies on a Rigid Heddle Loom
Lynette Glass shared with us her top ten tips for weaving transparencies on a rigid heddle loom. We love her butterfly window hanging.

1: Twill ZigZag Bag Squared
A definite favorite with our pin loom weavers, this tutorial teaches you how to weave a twill pattern on the pin loom.

We are excited to bring you more great spinning and weaving content in 2018. Feel free to send us a note on a topic you would like to see covered!

Benjamin Krudwig

Benjamin is the Content Manager at Schacht, and loves creating weaving and spinning content for the Schacht blog. His other spinning and weaving work can be seen in Handwoven, Spin-Off and the SIP Easy Weaving With Little Looms. You may find him on Instagram as @benjamin_krudwig