Welcome to the Gardens at 6101 Ben Place


Welcome to the Gardens at 6101 Ben Place

A bunny’s eye view of the front door of Schacht.

Since this upcoming Saturday marks the “start” of summer, we wanted to share a little piece of Schacht that people rarely see. We like to garden here at Schacht, both for the flowers and for the food. When guests arrive, they are greeted by a delightful front entry bed with gorgeous flowers. A brief stroll takes them along a verdant strip of vegetable gardens.

As an employee, we have the privilege and opportunity to have a garden plot in our community garden. It all started several years ago when our assembly manager, Shoua, wasn’t happy with the terms of the City’s community garden. We thought, “why not garden here?” We then had a strip of grass along our southern border that was begging to be of more use in our semi-arid climate. We dug it all up, added a bountiful amount of compost, and divided it up into individual plots. Most any summer day you’ll find employees in their gardens during breaks, lunches, or early in the morning before the heat is up.

Betty’s garden is filling up quickly with delicious greens.

Jane and Barry share a plot, too, planting peas on St. Patrick’s day along with cucumbers for pickles and of course tomatoes galore.

Potentially pick-able pea pods.

We hope you enjoyed this brief stay at the grounds of Schacht Spindle Company, and may your summer be as bountiful as ours.

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Benjamin Krudwig

Benjamin is the Content Manager at Schacht, and loves creating weaving and spinning content for the Schacht blog. His other spinning and weaving work can be seen in Handwoven, Spin-Off and the SIP Easy Weaving With Little Looms. You may find him on Instagram as @benjamin_krudwig