You Can’t Take it With You… Or Maybe You Can!

Now is the time of year when schools are letting out and families are starting to plan their vacations. When many people think of weaving and spinning, portability doesn’t necessarily come to mind right away.

This handy guide will give you ideas of products and projects that will easily fit in a carry-on, suitcase, or a kid’s “busy bag.”

2″ Hi-Lo Drop Spindle

Spinning: Depending on the length and nature of the trip, there are a couple of options. For kids and new spinners, a Schacht Hi-Lo drop spindle is perfect for travel. At 2″, 3″, and 4″ sizes, this will fit in a space smaller than a shoe-box, along with a bunch of fiber. Watch the DVD “Getting Started on a Drop Spindle” for a wonderful how-to.

Folded Sidekick

For more advanced spinners who can’t live without a wheel, the Schacht Sidekick is a dreamy companion. This folding travel wheel can be easily stowed in the car or motor home and quickly assembled for on-the-go spinning. This YouTube playlist gives you a few resources to add to your spinning technique toolbox.

Curved Hand Carders

It’s not all about spinning the fiber, it is also about prepping the fiber. While you are spending a large amount of time in the car on a road trip, bring a pair of hand carders to get your fleece in prime spinning shape.

Weaving: With the innovation of the Schacht team, weaving is more portable than ever. Starting with the smallest, here are some looms and projects to go with them!

Zoom Loom

The Zoom Loom is perfect for traveling, it easily fits in a project bag and since each square requires only 8 yards of yarn, you don’t have to carry dozens of skeins with you. This board of projects has a range of small projects up to very large projects. Share your Zoom Loom travel adventures with us!


Mini Loom

The Mini loom is a great introduction into weaving, and it comes complete with everything you need to get started.

Inkle Loom

The Inkle loom takes up a little more space, but is still portable enough for extended road trips. The mechanics are simple and can be easily done anywhere. The next few weeks on this blog we’ll feature a new inkle pattern each week. In the meantime our Pinterest board has a couple fun projects.


15″ Cricket Loom

The Cricket and Flip Looms allow for more choices and larger swathes of fabric. These delightful looms are found in sizes 10″ and 15″ for the Cricket, and 15″, 20″, and 25″ for the Flip. Take these looms along in a special Flip or Cricket bag. With over 40 projects, this Pinterest board is sure to have something fun for you!

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Benjamin Krudwig

Benjamin is the Content Manager at Schacht, and loves creating weaving and spinning content for the Schacht blog. His other spinning and weaving work can be seen in Handwoven, Spin-Off and the SIP Easy Weaving With Little Looms. You may find him on Instagram as @benjamin_krudwig