Personal Stories Contest

Everyone has a story and we want to hear yours! Tell us what inspires you to spin or weave, what got you started and what keeps you going. We also want to know how Schacht has played a part in your craft. What Schacht tool, be it spinning wheel, floor loom , cricket or drop spindle helps you to do what you love?


We are looking for diverse stories from all over the world that we can share with the spinning and weaving community at large through our print advertising, on-line ads, newsletters, and blog posts. Share your story - and get a little fame in the process.


Click here for information on how to enter!


Looking for a
Cherry Matchless Wheel?


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Card Weaving Cards

A simple, portable tool for creating complex designs


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Sidekick Spinning Wheel Bag

Just in time for the holidays


The new Sidekick bag is available in two colors.


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Sidekick bags