(Our Tapestry Loom shown with optional A-Frame Stand)

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tapestry loom

Tapestry Loom shown with optional A-Frame Stand



Tapestry weaving is considered by many to be the most personal of all weaving.  Among the simplest of looms, the tapestry loom holds a continuous warp under tension, allowing the weaver to see all of the warp at once. Sheds are formed using heddle bars and string heddles. While only two heddle bars are needed for traditional tapestry weaving, we provide four heddle bars so that beginning weavers can also experiment with 4-shaft pattern weaving. 

To keep the warp tension even throughout your weaving, our tapestry loom has a tension beam with thumbscrews on the end which allow for easy adjustment.   Available in 18" and 25" weaving widths, our continuous warping system allows a 60" long warp to be put directly on the loom without using any other warping tools.


A-Frame Stand

Designed for use with our portable tapestry looms, our A-Frame Stand inexpensively answers the question of how to hold the loom upright on the table top or the floor while weaving.  The adjustable side arms let you vary the angle, and may be folded up for storage.

Trestle Floor Stand

Make your weaving easy and comfortable with the Trestle Stand! Designed to work with both Flip and Tapestry Looms, you can quickly adjust the angle of the loom for maximum comfort. When the loom is in the horizontal position, it is at just the right height for use with a standard chair. Read more about the Trestle Floor Stand.

Tapestry Beaters

We make three styles of tapestry beaters: single-ended, double-ended, and a weighted single-ended.  All are made of hard maple and have a smooth Danish oil finish.  The wooden teeth are set at five per inch.  


The weighted beater has about five ounces of lead weight inserted into the end to provide more impact for tighter weaving.

tapestry beaters

Tapestry Bobbins

Made of a rich, dark brown plywood, our Gobelin-style tapestry bobbins are silky smooth with a pointy tip for easy weaving. The bobbins are 8" long, 5/8" diameter at the widest point, and weigh about one ounce each. Available in a package of three.

tapestry bobbins


Weaving Width













6 lb

7 lb


A-Frame Stand

2"x 2" x 20"

Trestle Stand

10" x 30" x 18"

7 lb

Tapestry Bobbin

8" x 5/8" diameter

1 oz

Single-Ended Tapestry Beater

8" x 1 11/2" x 3/4"

2 oz

Double-Ended Tapestry Beater

6" x 1 1/2" x 3/4"

2 oz

Weighted Tapestry Beater

8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/4"

8 oz

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