3 Handmade Gift Wrapping Ideas

3 Handmade Gift Wrapping Ideas

By Schacht staff

The holidays are right around the corner, and when you've spent so much time and effort making your handmade gifts, it would be a shame not to have the same handmade touch for the packaging.

In this post, we share three ways to add hand-crafted wrapping to your special gift. 

Handspun "Twine"

Show off your spinning prowess by using your drop spindle to spin some home-made twine to tie up your packages!

 package wrapped with handspun twine

If you've got more time, make Zoom Loom Bows!

Zoom Loom Bow

Or work up a Sugar Pines Band for unforgettable wrapping.

Sugar Pines Band on inkle loom with card weaving cards

We hope you enjoy these ideas for your special gifts this holiday season!

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